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Peter Gavrilov
Peter Gavrilov

"Yellowstone" Horses ...(2022)

YBGR also offers recreational riding allowing the youth get to experience riding a horse. This program gives the youth opportunities to learn about basic care and maintenance of the horses, as well as participating in work crews so that the youth can help take care of the horses and hopefully gain life skills to take with them when they leave the Ranch.

"Yellowstone" Horses ...(2022)

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Our destination is the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park with outfitter and expert fly angler, Shane McClaflin, Sunrise Pack Station. Shane has been guiding anglers into the backcountry for 30 years and shares stories of John Colter and Blackfeet Indians, mules and grizzly bears, and wolves eating fly rod cases, plus top backcountry fishing spots, must-have fly patterns, and an update on the Thorofare, the most remote region in the lower 48. So, saddle up the packhorses and the mules as we head into the backcountry for experiences of a lifetime.

He said not anyone can ride horses on a TV or movie set. For many productions, individuals must go to a ranch to meet the head wrangler. That person judges the individuals on if they can ride, walk, trot and handle a horse.

One of the highlights of the second half of 2021 was the invitation to join a friend on a leisurely six-mile horse ride through the Hyalite Canyon area south of Bozeman, Montana. A beautiful fall day, good friends, horses, what could be better?

We arrived at the ranch. First, out to the pasture to round up the three horses we would ride and then a walk back to the barn. Second, putting the halters onto the horses. Third, brushing the horses down with a soft bristle brush. Fourth, blankets for the backs of the horses, then the saddles, secured with a wide-band cinch under the belly of the horse and a loosely-fitting thin leather cord. Surely, we are ready, but no. Next a series of thin connected leather straps from across the shoulders of the horse and connected to the halter and each side of the front of the saddle, followed by a somewhat similar set of straps around the rump of the horse and under the tail and connected to each side of the rear of the saddle. These light and loose front and back straps stabilize the saddle and keep it from sliding forward and backward in more extreme terrain. And finally, setting the length of the stirrups to match the leg length of the rider.

Now, loading into the horse trailer, and finally we are off. And after the ride, the removal of the equipment, storing it away properly, and brushing down the horses with a different kind of brush, metal, circular, to clean the hair of debris, dust, grass, thorns and the like.

I learned some things from watching my friend. Among them, to respect something is to care for it, and care takes time. Further, the care of equipment and horses is just as important as the ride itself, and in fact, is not divorced from the ride.

We appreciate that you have considered our auction in your search in finding a HORSE that will fit your needs and requirements. We encourage you to take the time to inspect, screen and ask questions about the horses that peak your interest. It is the Buyers responsibility to ride AND talk with the consignor about his animal prior to purchase.

Welch's career as a trainer of cutting horses began in the early 1950s, and he'd go on to train many championship-caliber horses during his illustrious career. He won many awards for his groundbreaking style and success and was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame and American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame, among others.

Pairing horses with cast members, most of whom he had not met before the camp, meant putting them in similar conditions or scenarios they will face as filming begins, such as crossing water, moving cattle and escaping from the dangers they will face on the trail.

At one point along the Bechler River Trail, there is a fork offering three different directions hikers can travel. A sign points to destinations in two different directions. Take the third option, an unsigned spur trail that looks like a spot to rest horses. Follow it for about half a mile and the steam from a geyser basin soon appears. Continue to follow the trail, stepping carefully over and across shallow pools and creeks of geothermal water until reaching Mr. Bubbles, a large swimming pool-sized hot spring where cold waters from a nearby creek mix with a bubbling geothermal feature that gives the hot spring its namesake.

Finally, I smelled smoke and we came across a group of horses tied to a hitching post below some trees, just off the trail. Just around the corner we came across a camp of cowboys who were beginning a multi-day guided horseback trip through the Bechler Meadows.

The 6666 Ranch is one of the largest ranches, located in Guthrie, Texas. This ranch is 266,000 acres, which was featured on the famous trending TV show called Yellowstone, and newly owned by Taylor Sheridan. The TSU Stock Horse Team had the opportunity to be a part of the new sales record being set of 165 horses sold to the public at the 2022 Return to the Remuda Sale held on October 1.

The Tarleton Stock Horse Team is an organization for horse-oriented students to enhance their horsemanship, horse training and skills, and showmanship abilities with their own horses. The Stock Horse Team makes both stellar students and horses in Stephenville since 2006. The 2022-2023 team consists of six competitive showers and 15 other members dedicated to becoming the best horsemen and horsewomen they can be. The Texans never miss an opportunity to grow both in the arena and classroom being by coached Roberta Walton.

One of the other horses used in the Yellowstone tv show is High-Class Trash. He is sired by Gunnatrashya, 2009 NHRA Futurity Open Champion, and out of Taris Little Vintage, a member of the NRHA Hall of Fame.

Bryanna is a 23-year-old Florida-based Grade 1 Para-dressage rider based in Florida and she has been riding for 5 years. Horses are her passion and her ultimate goal is to be selected for the US Para-Equestrian Team and represent the US at the Paralympics. She rides at Quantum Leap Farm and Emerald M Therapeutic Riding Center and her equine partners are Shane, an American Paint Horse, and Cappy a Welsh x Thoroughbred. When she is not helping at the barn, riding, or training, she is learning about horses, writing articles about them, and using her social media platforms to raise awareness for therapeutic riding and para-equestrianism, shares her journey, and advocates for greater inclusion of para-equestrian in the media and equestrian sport at large.Follow on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOKRead her Latest articlesLearn more about HER 041b061a72


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