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What's inside us  matters as much as does the rest of the Universe.


But what's more valuable lies in the bond between the two.

Y∞n Hong is a multimedia artist who works across drawing, painting, writing, film, performance, and installation, to mediate between materials and spirituality through the archetypal patterns and symbols that she claims to be the visualization of cosmic consciousness – the holomovement. Through her artistic practice, Yoon envisions to bridge between seemingly opposite forces in order to achieve an intricate balance and harmony between microcosm and macrocosm, control and surrender, invisible and visible, ancient and modern, and inner-self and outer-world. She believes that a work of art can deliver the transcendental/transpersonal experience to the audience on an existential level.


Currently based in Seoul, South Korea, Yoon Hong (b. 1994) received her bachelor’s degree of Fine Art at Washington University in St. Louis with Cum Laude Honor in 2017. She held her solo shows <Y∞niverse> at Art Bit Gallery in Seoul (2018) and <Flow-In> at Punto Blu in Seoul (2018). She had residency programs at Art See Ocean Gallery, Sweden (2018), Punto Blu, Seoul (2018), La Wakaya Current, Guna Yala, Panama (2019). Also, she participated multiple group shows and Art Fairs including K-Auctions (2020), Digital Art Festival (2020), Seoul Sculpture Art Fair (2020), 몼 (2020), 미궁 (2020), SEEA (2019), and What Your Color of Ocean (2019). Yoon’s curatorial projects includes

<끝, 시작> online exhibition (2021), <Art Market> at 파동풍경 (2021), and <In Care We Gather: Washington University Alumni> in Seoul (2020).


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