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3. Sympathy




slowly moist  


When touching a snail, follow the snail's point of view.

Touch it slowly with moist hands so as not to be surprised!  


Instead of a shell, start with the body!

The snail's ability to stick to anywhere with mucus is quite strong.

Pulling the shell when touching or moving it can cause pain.

snail's  at the bottom of the body  Slowly put your hand

Lift or lower with full body support.  
















snail state  to understand


snail's  They can't read facial expressions, but they can tell by looking at their antennas for basic conditions.

One.  When stirring the antenna in all directions:

When the surrounding environment changes and you navigate

2. Antenna  When baking towards the food you are eating:

If you're interested in it because it's delicious

3.  not moving  When the antenna is standing soon:

Concentrated bowel movements

4. When walking around without eating:

If you're full of energy or in a good mood, you're going for a walk,

If you are looking for cleaner air or moisture.




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