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1. Basic environment





Snails are sensitive to light and are active at night.

Our snails these days  to be active during the day  do.





*Store in cool shade out of direct sunlight*


Humidity 7~80%  

Snails love and need water.  


1. The soil should be moist.

- Sleeps in the soil and eats dew.

2. To maintain humidity  Close the lid (with pores).  ​

- Sometimes I randomly open it to ventilate.

3. Sprayer  Around   Sprinkle or pour water into a small cup  I like to give

- Aim for late night or early morning when snails are mainly active  

I rehydrate before going to bed or when I meet them randomly.  

4. When the soil is plowed every week  flowing   cool lukewarm  one  I like to shower with water.

You can also gently wipe the dirt off the skin.

* No bath. If the water is high and submerged, it may clog your pores.





Coco Feet  

(Coupang sales)

1. Add water to the coco pit to make the soil moist enough to form dew.

2.   Spread the soil at least three times the height of the snail.

At 4-5 months of age, they fall asleep anywhere outside the soil.

It is recommended to lay it on an average of 4-5 cm.


3.  everyday  Remove poop and food.


4. Change the coco feet once a week.

- Summer: Change more often before insects become entangled or vegetables become stale quickly.

- Fall/Winter: Once a week




Stones, shells, (again...)


rather than trees or flowers.

self and  I like cold hard stones and shells that look similar.

It is also eaten because of the calcium in shellfish.  

(*Clamshell without salt)

Because I like walking and adventure, I like to play

You will love it if you make it.




2. Rice, stool

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