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Moist and fresh vegetables and vegetables  

moisture + calcium


once a day. The more you eat, the more you give.  

They do sell snail feed. But we like to eat vegetables anyway, so let's go shopping!


What our snails love the most:








Other than that, eating well:  cucumber, carrot, steamed corn, most fruits

I like fruits because they are sweet and juicy, but because they are low in calcium, I only eat them occasionally.  Sprinkle with calcium powder.

The more fruits you eat, the less vegetables you eat.


X: salt, meat, fish, insects, flowers

at least once a day  

Depending on your diet and body size +a










video  Look at the eating of three snails  speed and style  different.


Find your favorite food.









For a healthy snail shell  Calcium supplementation is necessary.  


Two ways:

1. Except for the boiled egg shell  After scooping, grind it to be as fine a powder as possible.  

Sprinkle with food toppings while refrigerated.

(*egg  (except salt when boiling)






example)  ship + Eggshell = deceived by the moisture and sweetness of the pear  Combinations that are high in calcium

(The finer the peel than the photo above, the better.)

2. Snail Calcium Powder (Calcium Nitrate)  

Observing the condition of the snail, on average once every 3 days,  

If the shell is injured, mix the powder with water on the vegetables for each meal.




Calcium powder is convenient and given frequently, and the snail seems to have grown that much.

i every time  Served as a topping

In case of calcium deficiency

For self-renewal, it gnaws at its most recently created shell.

In this caseDon't panic, let's colonize a delicious calcium + meal in front of your nose.










(When Jermi was only3 months old, it was different from snow poop - cotyledons.  


If you eat zucchini, you get pale yellow/light green stools.  Eating carrots causes orange stools.

For 1 to 2 months after birth, they have a thin poop like a thread, but  The stool also increases with the size of the snail's body.


As in the photo above, there are cases where you press and align them in one section, but ​ Most of the time it's long.

Let's clean up the shit well.




IMG_7797 2.JPG




2. Basic environment​

​3. Sympathy

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