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<Crown Chakra: Lotus Sahasrara> by Y∞n 

7th chakra of <Chakra Theater>  Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) at the end of the hair  of energy located  symbolizes the area. the scope of the entity itself  beyond vision and consciousness  It is the most spiritual state that can be achieved through practice, and in Buddhism, especially Hinduism,  With the image of a thousand petals spreading out  It has been dealt with since antiquity (Iron Age).

The <Chakra Theatre>, which is currently in progress, is different from the forms in which the chakras have been expressed through drawings or performance art so far,  It is special in that it visualizes waves and flows of energy that constantly bloom and change. from the graphical appearance  Otherwise, editing the actual painting process is also different. Since colors and sounds, that is, light and sound waves, are also energy in the end, we are aiming for a healing effect that can actually have a effect on people's energy by adding more frequencies that act as resonance to each other. In addition, the human  Auras and emotions are also trying to be expressed.

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