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A long time ago,

for the first time I met a snail on a golden beach.

In excitement, I grabbed the snail

between my index finger and thumb

and started sprinting towards my mother.

And soon, its shell broke.

   A little universe exploded between my two fingers,

within the second, literally. 

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A natural phenomenon in which contraction and expansion occur simultaneously

as one existence with no beginning and no end  

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We are not a life that revolves around a circle in cross section.

At least three-dimensional spiral path we flow in.

In past, present and future,

a spiral that surrenders unconsciously,

a spiral that perceives and controls its flow,

a spiral that goes against the majority and pioneers the new,

a spiral that joins the great flow,

and more continue to be.


Individual consciousness, beliefs, and will power

create just about an infinite ways of life.


One is the artist of one's life of art.

AAnd no single spiral stands alone, for all is interactive.

in collision and fusion

like the wisdom and customs of our ancestors

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About ten years have passed,

In a NASA photo, I reunited with a snail.

Untitled_Artwork 104.png

The image of billions of stars gathering together

and forming a galaxy in the vastness

was just like a snail I found in the uncountable sand.

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original source from NASA


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just as the stars of a galaxy, 

if we were to integrate, perhaps to harmonize instead of marginalize,

wouldn't it be possible to draw a cohesive and beautiful structure 

against disorders, voidness and loneliness of life?

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