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We are not a life that revolves around a circle in cross section.

At least three-dimensional spiral flows and paths are being created 

by each and every diverse way

all together.

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past, present and future

a spiral of will that reads them and runs the flow,

  a a passive spiral that flows without awareness,

a spiral that goes against the mainstream and pioneers the new,

a spiral that joins the great flow,

and more...

Even if it moves microscopically,

With a rainbow spectrum of individual consciousness and will power

There is the ability to control the flow.


Because we are the artists of art of our lives.


and colliding..

Like the wisdom and customs of our ancestors.


Just as the stars in the vast space gather to emerge a beautiful galaxy,

what if we balance our footsteps with some sort of unity

with heart, consciousness, and vision?

In the face of the chaos and voidness of life

wouldn't it be possible to draw a cohesive flow,

for it is a little more harmonious?

And these sundry spirals must be influencing each other.

With no beginning and no end  

A natural phenomenon in which contraction and expansion occur at the same time as one existence!


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